Hiriketiya Beach

With lush coconut palms in the background and the brilliant blue tropical waters upfront, Hiraketiya is a crescent-shaped beach that boasts golden sands and a surreal ambience. The waters are pleasantly warm during most times of the year and offer amazing waves for surfing! The beach is also dotted with an array of snazzy cafes that serve up decadent seafood and masterfully mixed cocktails.

Hiraketiya Beach is located approximately 3 hours drive away from Unawatuna, and is it is more of a hidden gem among the beaches of Sri Lanka. Most of the tourists do not know about this stunning coastal strip and that is what makes it so special. There are comparatively fewer crowds at the beach but it seems that it is slowly gaining popularity among travellers.

With its iconic shape and its significant location close to the southernmost tip of the island, Hiraketiya beach brings up consistent breaks that are ideal for amateur and intermediate surfers. There are smaller swells from December to February which are ideal for beginners and there are medium-sized and sometimes larger waves from August to February for those who are looking for a challenge! You could rent boards at the surf shops for as little as 250 to 300 Sri Lankan rupees which is approximately 1.5 USD. This is an absolute bargain and you will certainly not regret spending on this! If you are new to surfing you could also get an instructor from any of these shops and he will teach you the fundamentals of surfing along with a trick or two.

If you are not feeling adventurous however, you could lean back and relax on the sands taking in the warmth of the tropical sun. the shallows are also ideal for swimming and since it houses smaller varieties of marine creatures you could also snorkel – and even sport sea turtles if luck favours you! All in all, with its tranquil surroundings, and the vivid surfing scene, you would cerntainly enjoy your time at the beach and Hiraketiya it is indeed worthy of being added to your itinerary during your visit to Sri Lanka!

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