Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Surfing

All the way at the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s east coast, you’ll find the seemingly reclusive town of Arugam Bay. Don’t let the town’s quiet nature fool you, as it contains one of the most picturesque and stunningly beautiful beaches found in Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay Beach was initially a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts, here the waves are just right for surfers of all kinds – from rookies to seasoned pros. In the time since Arugam Bay has grown to be an amazing coastal retreat that’s complete with quaint cafes and bars fringing the beautiful beachfront.

There are many surfing spots to choose from in Arugam Bay for surfing. If you’re a beginner, you should consider sticking to the shallows. Here the water is relatively calm, the rapids aren’t too challenging and the shore is at a safe distance. If you’re more of a seasoned pro, consider heading to deeper waters and hidden coves where the waves can be a truly monstrous and absolute treat to surf along.

Arugam Bay has the added benefit of not being overly crowded. While its reputation as a surfing town precedes itself, the destination is often overlooked by beachgoers in favour of the popular beaches found along Sri Lanka’s southern coast. Over the past few years, beaches like Unawatuna have become the go-to location for most tourists that come to Sri Lanka in search of paradise beaches. Don’t let that fact discourage you from visiting Arugam Bay, however – it’s still the best location to surf in and fewer tourists mean a more private and enjoyable experience.