Learn to Surf in Hikkaduwa

Set amidst spectacular vistas, idyllic climatic conditions, and perfect wave formations Hikkaduwa is indeed a paradise for novice and expert surfers alike. With an average-sized point, reef and surf break the tropical waters of Hikkaduwa are ideal for those who wish to learn surfing and for those in a quest to hone their surfing skills. The soothing sea breeze, warm waters, and white sand beaches offer the perfect balance of both relaxation and contemplation between breaks during surfing and it creates the perfect setting to enjoy your vacation at a paradise isle.

Hikkaduwa’s beaches are dotted with a myriad of Surshops with English-speaking instructors. This enables you to sign up for surf lessons and you could also rent surf equipment for an extremely good bargain. Surf lessons can be arranged as per your convenience and the instructors here are friendly and resourceful – they may even teach you a few tricks if you are up for that. With proper guidance and easy to grasp practical learning sessions, you can get the hang of this amazing sport in no time!

Overall, with everything at your disposal from surf instructors, adequate equipment, and an exquisite beach setting, learning to surf in Hikkaduwa can be one of the best things you could do during your time in Sri Lanka. With this experience, along with newly learned skills you could take home something unique – a collection of wonderful experiences that will resonate within you for a lifetime!