Visit the Hikkaduwa Coral Gardens for an absolute treat to the eyes

With turquoise waters, varieties of vividly coloured corals and a menagerie of marine life, Hikkaduwa national park is one of two Marine national parks in Sri Lanka. The park contains a fringing reef system that in turn acts as a habitat for a multitude of Marine Creatures. With warm waters and abundant supply of nutrients, the region is regarded as one of the most lively and beautiful reef systems in South Asia. The azure waters of the national park have perfect visibility during most parts of the year and it makes the exploration experience so unique and memorable.

The national park is home to over 60 different species of coral, 170 species of reef fish and also offers you glimpses of creatures such as stingrays, 5 species of sea turtles and a variety of crustaceans. One could explore the sheer beauty of Hikkaduwa’s underwater paradise by snorkelling, diving, or by chartering a glass-bottomed boat.

Snorkelling being the easiest of all gets you up close and personal with the vivid underwater coral formations and the spectacular marine life with minimal gear. Though it is comparatively cheaper and easier than the other two exploration methods it surely has its limitations.

Diving being a more expensive and versatile experience, lets you take a closer look at these epic underwater vistas and gets you close to the ocean bed where the majority of the marine life is found. If you do not like getting wet or perhaps you do not know how to swim, your best bet at seeing the corals and the vibrant creatures underwater is getting aboard a glass-bottomed boat. All of these experiences can be enjoyed by getting in touch with a local tour operator and you can do this by reaching out to your resort’s front desk if you are stationed at any of the hotel properties of Hikkaduwa or by searching online.