Getting There

The city of Hikkaduwa is 143 kilometres away from Bandaranaike International Airport and is easy to get there depending on the mode of transport you select. For those travelling from the airport to Hikkaduwa, here are the best options for you.

Best way to get to Hikkaduwa from BIA
Hiring a vehicle
Coming to Hikkaduwa via a hired vehicle will take about 2 hours depending on the route taken. It's possible to hire a vehicle from the airport transfer service or privately through your agent or hotel.
Travelling by bus
Get to the nearest bus stand by tuk-tuk which should cost Rs.100. From here take the highway bus to Colombo first. From here you can take a direct bus to Hikkaduwa which will be travelling through Galle Road and will take as long as 3 hours 15 minutes with traffic.
Travelling by train
The most scenic route would be by train, tickets can be purchased at the station. Trains leave from the Colombo Fort Railway Station to Galle, be vigilant and get off at the Hikkaduwa station.