Pigeon Island Snorkeling in Nilaveli, Trincomalee

Located off the coast of Nilaveli – one of the most sought after beaches in the country, The Pigeon island is a prominent destination that boasts epic natural diversity. The island and the surrounding seascape is one of two protected marine national parks of Sri Lanka and it is renowned as an idyllic snorkelling destination by locals and tourists alike.

With less disturbance from humans and other industrial activities, the island is surrounded by surreal waters that are home to a myriad of rare and elusive marine life. The warm tropical waters are rich in nutrients and are embellished in extensive reef systems. This provides the perfect habitat for vividly coloured reef fish, sea turtles, crustaceans and even large predatory fish. The underwater paradise could be explored best by plunging into the waters with a pair of flippers and a snorkel which gets you up close and personal with the amazing creatures of the sea.

Tourists can opt-in for this amazing experience by contacting a local travel operator or by reaching out to their resort’s front desk if they are stationed at an establishment on the east coast. Once you sign up for this, a pair of flippers and a snorkelling mask will be provided; then it is just a matter of plunging into the waters and wading your way through the epic underwater vistas.

Though this activity is absolutely safe, there are few things you will have to be mindful of when you are snorkelling. The main thing is that you can admire the beauty of the things you will see below the blues but you will at all times, refrain from touching or feeding the marine creatures. Also do not venture far from the shore and do not go into deep waters. With these measures in check, you could have an incredible snorkelling experience while you are on Pigeon Island.