Bathe in the Kanniya Hot Water Springs

Kanniya hot water springs are a peculiar attraction located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka which defies the laws of nature. The site is composed of seven wells that are three to four feet deep. What makes these wells unique is that each of the wells has water that slightly varies in temperature from one another. This natural phenomenon baffles geologists and although it is believed that this is due to geothermal activity beneath the springs, to date there are no proven theories as to how and why the temperature varies from well to well.

There are popular legends and folklores woven around this natural wonder and one of them is that the hot springs appeared as the all-powerful king Ravana, the antagonists of the Hindu epic Ramayana, struck the earth with his sword bereaved by the death of his mother. People also believe that the water from these springs has healing properties and they have the power to cure numerous bodily ailments.

Although the miraculous healing properties of the springs are just speculations, bathing in the waters certainly soothes your senses, and it calms your nerves and offers relaxation. As you indulge in this relaxing experience, you can’t help but believe that the speculations are true to a certain extent!