Relax at Uppuveli Beach

In an island renowned for its beautiful stretches of coastline, the Uppuveli Beach stands out as one of the most pristine and picturesque sites to see and relax in. This strip of coast along with the lively resort town that surround it is among the most must-visit beach destinations in the entirety of Sri Lanka.

Historically, Uppuveli Beach was always a popular destination for both tourists and local alike. Unfortunately, the escalation of Sri Lanka’s dire civil war hindered people from visiting this beautiful location in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The situation got worse in 2004 when the Boxing Day Tsunami ravaged the region and left most of the beach area in ruin. Things did get better however after the war’s conclusion. Uppuveli and the surrounding area saw a resurgence in both development and renown.

Uppuveli enjoys a bit of friendly competition with the equally resplendent Nilaveli Beach, which found just a few kilometres to the North. Generally, Uppuveli is considered to be the more popular of the two, but this means it gets more visitors and gets crowded more often. At the same time, this infuses the beach with a lively atmosphere that never dies down under the warm tropical sun. You’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants around the beach as well, if you’re looking to chill out and refuel. Of course, there’s the calm waters of the ocean as well – the perfect way to cool down as you approach midday. These waters are perfect for swimming, especially with the whole family.

Ultimately, a visit to Uppuveli can be quite the memorable experience – there’s just something inimitably satisfying about spending a day enjoying the warm sun and the pleasant ocean breeze. All of this will be in view of the crystal-clear emerald waters of the grand Indian Ocean – it is sure to be a memory you will cherish for ears to come.