Visiting Lover’s Leap in Trincomalee

With a name like ‘Lover’s Leap’, it is hard not be at least curious about this fascinating location found in Trincomalee – one which offers an unparalleled view of the coastal town below and the ocean beyond. Found next to the historic Rameswaram Temple, there are many legends and stories associated with the location – one which add to its mystique and intrigue.

According to legend, the cleft that is Lover’s Leap was said to have been created when Lord Shiva and Ravana had engaged in a deadly clash. Here Lord Shiva had caused Ravana to drop his sword. Ravana, finding himself disarmed, had resorted to heaving the very rock temple itself to use a weapon, splitting the land in two during the process. However, this deadly duel was not how the location got its name. That incident, happened far more recently and is quite the sad tale at that.

This tale focuses on Francina van Reed, the daughter of a distinguished Dutch gentleman who had made his home in Sri Lanka. Young Francina was engaged to a Dutch officer and was set to be married in the spring. Sadly, the officer decided to break off the engagement and return to his homeland in Europe. This devastated Francina who was left distraught and helpless. It is said that she climbed up to Swami Rock and watched as her beloved sailed off from the island never to return. Heartbroken, she leapt off shortly after and plunged into the murky depths of the ocean. Ever since then, the location has come to be known as Lover’s Leap.

Now, as sombre as its history is, the location is still worth a visit for the gorgeous view it offers. In fact, it has grown to become one of Trincomalee’s most prominent tourist destination. Many travellers make the trek up there just to enjoy a breath-taking view of the seemingly endless expanse of the Indian Ocean. The Koneswaram Temple located just a little ways down the path is an added attraction that you shouldn’t miss during your trip.