Visit the Brief Garden

Apart from the beaches of Bentota, Brief Garden is one place that calls out to many visitors, both local and foreign with its unmatched charm. If you haven’t already heard about this extraordinary piece of well-landscaped Garden, you would certainly be in delight once you bear witness to its immaculate presence!

Brief Garden is the work of a renowned architect and landscapist, Bevis Bawa. He decided to put together his masterpiece on a 20-acre land that is located 10 kilometres inside Bentota in Aluthgama.
Open to the public since 1970, this beautiful place cannot be simply described in words to portray its actual brilliance. Rather, a visit is the only way to truly experience the magic of its ambience. With over 106 species of trees and over 100 species of animals that call this place home, the garden dazzles with vibrant diversity with both animate and inanimate objects. Narrow, winding gravel pathways with steppingstones makes you feel as though you are taking a stroll through a page from a fairy tale! Carved out of stone are homoerotic figurines that are unobtrusive to the eye unless you really take a good look at your surroundings. Along the way, you’ll come across garden benches or swings in very private corners which are just so romantic and surrounded by a setting that contains and untainted air of tranquillity. You can wander through the winding pathways without the worry of getting lost as there’s not just one path, but several of them that conveniently leads back to the house.

It’s not just the garden that you can explore, but the house as well. Boasting an exquisite design and made with structures that resemble extraordinary architectural brilliance of the house is a true marvel. Although it has been constructed back in the late 60s, it is by no means out of style. Along your stroll, you could also meet the friendly staff who now maintain the place. You could take a small tour and take in the beauty of fascinating interiors while your guide enlightens you with tales of the past. Inside the house too are strange furniture and sculptures by brought to life by Marc Chagall – An artist with a flair of modern minimalist art. Some even have a very Sri Lankan feel to them as well.

After you are done with the tour of the house, pick a seat next to the wondrous house and enjoy a warm cup of tea and cookies taking your time to slowly ponder about how splendid and magical the Brief Garden really is.