Water Sports in Bentota

Being home to a pristine beach fringed in coconut palms and a region surrounded by azure waters, Bentota is certainly an amazing destination to visit, especially for those water sports enthusiasts out there. Not only does Bentota offer its fine beaches for water-related entertainment activities, but it also has a river which is another enticing body of water where one could engage in plenty of exciting activities. Here are some of the amazing water sport activities you can experience while you are in Bentota.

Jet Skiing – This is one of the most common water sports here in Bentota and is popular on both the beach and the river. The fast and exhilarating rate of acceleration will certainly draw the adrenaline rush out and it is a perfect activity to try out with friends, not to mention, it is also an all-year-round activity.

Banana Boat Rides – For travelling families, the banana boat rides prove to be the most fun of all at any time of the year in Bentota. Hop on the banana-shaped boat and bump on the waves as the speed boat steers it. The hitch? Try to stay on the boat without bouncing off.

Canoeing – This is more of a river sport when it comes to Bentota and is definitely a beautiful experience. The Madu River posses a diverse ecosystem to explore while out on an enticing canoe ride.

Surfing – This is indeed one of the sports that are most looked forward to when it comes to water sports in Bentota. The swells are at its best from November to April.

Windsurfing – The sunny weather is just a wonderful compliment to the perfect windsurfing conditions that prevail in Bentota all year round.

Water Skiing – Yet another activity that is available no matter which day of the year it might be. Feel the breeze on your hair and let the wind steer you across the waves of the beautiful waters of Bentota.

Deep-Sea Fishing – For the fishing enthusiasts Bentota offers the opportunity of heading out to sea for an awesome trophy from the deep waters. The best of deep sea fishing experience can be savoured during the months between November to April.