Kandy Viewpoint

Enjoy an unparalleled view of Kandy City and the sprawling landscape that surrounds it visitng the aptly named Kandy view Point. This spectacular attraction found within the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill country will leave you mesmerized with amazing sights that will stick with you for years to come. It is a stop you absolutely need to make if you’re touring through Kandy.

Sri Lanka is renowned for its natural beauty, from its expansive national parks to its sun-kissed beaches. But few places are a better example of this than the island’s central highlands. This is a region full of rolling green hillside, towering mountains that loom over the landscape and sprawling tracts of verdant forests. So, what better way to spend your time here than hiking up a hill yourself and witnessing one of the very best views the region has to offer!

The Kandy View Point is located atop a hill that rises above the famous Kandy Lake. It has been named many times as one of the best locations to visit in Kandy – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hotel in the region that doesn’t include it on their itinerary. Reaching the hill is relatively easy if you take a taxi or tuk-tuk. You can also just make a short hike of the whole thing as you can reach the viewpoint on foot. The ascent up the hill can be challenging but it is by no means impossible and once you reach the top, it’ll all be worth it! From up here, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the landscape – all the lakes, forests, houses and hills. You’ll even have a grand view of the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic – in essence, you can map out all other sites in Kandy you want to visit from up here!

From Colombo
122 km
Time Duration
2 h 50 min
Entrance Ticket

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