Trekking to Hantane

A trek across the Hantane Mountain Range is one of the most famous and scenic hiking trails in the whole of Sri Lanka. It is particularly popular with the island’s youth as several prominent government universities can be found in the vicinity. What this means is that the trek through these mountains is often lively and full of cheer – certainly an adventure you won’t forget anytime soon.

Found in the resplendent hill country surrounding Kandy, the mountain range gets its name from because of its seven major peaks. The highest of these towers over the landscape at over 3000 feet! Hantane was declared as an environmentally important area of Sri Lanka in 2010, as was subsequently granted protection by the government. Now this wilderness acts as a refuge for many endangered species of animal – ones that you might just run into during your hike! These include endemic species like the purple-faced leaf monkey as well as reclusive predators like the fishing cat. Hantane is renowned for its fantastically diverse range of avifauna, making the mountains a perfect destination for any birdwatching enthusiasts. Here you’ll be able to glimpse rare and endemic birds such as the Ceylon magpie and the nocturnal brown fishing owl. There are many different varieties of diurnal birds of prey that call the mountains home as well, and you’ll be able to spot some of these predators as they soar high above you.

The mountain tops of Hantane also offer spectacular view of the many landscapes that surround the range. From sprawling Sri Lankan towns to verdant patches of lush forest, you’ll be take aback by the sheer scale of beauty all this scenery has to offer. In fact, if you trek up to the right spots, you’ll be treated to stunning views of several other famous mountain peaks including Piduruthalagala, Sripada and the Knuckles range. All in all, Hantane is a fantastic choice if you want to experience the full majesty of Sri Lanka’s central hill country.