Nuwara Eliya

Few places are a better example of the resplendent beauty and charm Sri Lanka has to offer than Nuwara Eliya. From stunning landscapes to an incredibly relaxed atmosphere, this is one of the best locations to visit on the entire island!


The city of Nuwara Eliya was founded by British explorer Samuel Baker in 1846. It was seen as an ideal location for the British gentry to settle down in owing to the pleasant weather and climate. In fact, the region was initially called “Little England” and served as hillside retreat for vacationing Englishmen. They would come up to these hills to engage is leisurely pursuits such as polo, golf and even a bit of hunting.

Nowadays, Nuwara Eliya still maintains its status as a popular hillside retreat. The area is full of attractions like golf courses, scenic parks, and lakes and streams that are ideal for a relaxing fishing trip. For nature lovers, there’s plenty of forest cover to be explored and wildlife to be found! The Galway’s Bird Sanctuary for one is full of endemic bird varieties. Then there’s the famous Horton Plains – a stunning stretch of woodlands and valleys that are home to iconic species such as the Sri Lankan leopard and the sambar.

Things to do
From relaxing games to thrilling excursions out in the wilderness – Nuwara Eliya has something for everybody. Here are some of the best attractions and experiences the city has to offer.
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