Visa and customs

Sri Lankans are hospitable, friendly and fun loving people, which makes the experience on this island so much better! However, before you get to revel in all the excitement and thrills the country has to offer, you do need to get through visa and customs. So, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when doing so.

Remember to get your visa beforehand – you’ll want it with you before visiting the island. Thankfully, you can get the authorization to visit Sri Lanka emailed to you within a day owing to the convenient Electronic Visa Authorization system that is in place.

As far as returning from the island, be sure to at least have a tentative booking for a return flight or ticket. Following the day of entry, your visa will be valid for a period of 430 days. This period can be extended for additional 60 days; in order to do this, visit the Emigration and Immigration Departments in Colombo.