Ravana Falls

Sri Lanka is renowned for its natural beauty. From its white-sand beaches its rolling hill country, thousands of tourists flock to the island every year to see all the sights and wonders the country has to offer. In this regard, some of Sri Lanka’s waterfalls are some of the most picturesque scenes you’ll ever see. There are many different waterfalls scattered around the country, and one of the most beautiful and famous ones you’ll find here is the majestic Ravana Falls.

The Ravana Falls is about 26 metres in height. Even though it isn’t the tallest waterfall you’ll find in Sri Lanka, it might just be the widest one! The Ravana Falls overflow during the wet season and it is said that it resembles a flower with withering petals during this time. Conversely, the water flow lessens significantly during the dry season – almost winding down to a trickle during the season’s peak!

The Ravana Falls gets its name from its association to the Hindu epic – the Ramayana. It is said that the Sri Lankan King Ravana kidnapped the princess Sita and hid her in one of the caves behind the waterfall. As such, the waterfall would be called the Ravana Falls.

Over the years. Ravana Falls has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The fact that it is found right by the roadside play a large part in this – it’s a great pitstop to make if you’re making your way through the central highlands.