Angurukaramulla Temple

Well renowned for its stunningly beautiful Buddha statue, the Angurukaramulla temple is an attraction the must not be missed when you are in Negombo. Boasting a surreal vibe and an exquisite architectural presence, the entrance itself is striking enough to lure you inside. The entrance features a magnificent archway complemented by an epic dragon statue which is part of the entrance that you will have to go through. Locals believe that the dragon statue wards off evil spirits and it is a measure of protecting the temple.

Inside the temple, the are ruins of a 300-year-old library which once had countless holy scriptures and literary texts. There are even rumours of some of them being secretly and safely guarded within the chambers of the newly renovated temple. You will also notice plenty of trees within the temple premises and there is even a pond with little turtles in it!

There are a wide variety of murals, paintings, and sculpture within the temples as well and the atmosphere is filled with an air of tranquillity that is complimented by the sweet and pleasant fragrances of incense. As you wander along, you could see devotees praying for Lord Buddha’s blessings. There will be sermons happening on the auspicious full moon days and occasionally you will hear chantings as well. The time you will spend here will indeed be very spiritual and even if you are just here to explore, you will be delighted by the experience of relaxation slowly embracing your hearts.

You could visit the temple during the daytime but be mindful to be dressed modestly. What you wear should cover your shoulders and knees and it is recommended that you wear clothing in light colours preferably white. You will also have to remove your footwear before entering the temple. Furthermore, you will have to put your mobile devices on silent and if you plan on taking pictures, it is advised to get permission from the temple’s administration office beforehand.

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