Colombo Fort Railway Station

Having the reputation of being one of the country’s oldest train stations, The Colombo Fort Railway station is a major railway hub in Sri Lanka. From the station, travellers can board on trains that take them to almost all regions around the country; the blissful coasts, the misty mountains, even the vast and expansive shrublands of the arid zones; you can reach any part of the country that your heart desires. The station was built by the British in the during the year of 1877 and was much smaller than how it is today. Still staying loyal to its colonial routes, it boasts structures that resemble splendid Victorian architecture.

Once you enter the station, be prepared to witness a little bit of chaos with a mix of people boarding and getting off from the platforms. You could hear the constant uproar of engines, the random whistles, loud horns, and the voices of vendors trying to sell their goods. The picture at a glance will certainly be vibrant with numerous things happening all at once. With so many things to see and experience as a standalone attraction the station also offers you a portal to some of the worlds most scenic train rides such as the Colombo to Ella train journey.

Located at the very heart of Colombo, the Fort Railway Station is right next to the Colombo Fort and Pettah. You can use a taxi or a tuk-tuk to reach here from any part of the city. Travellers can also visit here to book train rides in advance and to know the information in person about train travel around the country. Travellers also have the option of choosing train rides based on their preferences as the train compartments are divided as classes depending on the levels of comfort.they offer.

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