Colombo Fort

Being home to a plethora of prominent establishments both private and public, Colombo Fort is regarded as the central business district of Colombo. This is because the fort region encompasses The World Trade Center of Colombo along with the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), Bank of Ceylon Headquarters, The Galleface Green promenade, government offices along with a handful of upscale hotel restaurants. High-end entertainment hubs are also part of the region and they add another layer of significance to the Fort area.

The fort’s history takes us back as early as the 16th century when the region was a seaport and a trading post for seafarers and traders who arrived at the island from different parts of the world. The Portuguese realising the strategic importance of the fort seized control of it and made it their base. They further fortified the region by constructing new buildings and adding modifications to the harbour. The colonisers who came next such as the dutch and the British added more layers of protection and infrastructure to the fort area making it their stronghold to extend their control over the inner regions of the island.

Today, the remnants of the colonisation are clearly visible in and around the region with towering monuments and stunning buildings boasting well-preserved colonial architecture. The most notable monuments and buildings that boast splendrous architecture are the President’s residence, The old parliament building, The Dutch Hospital, old general posts office, the central telecom building, Cargills and Millers building, and The Times Building. A walk through Chatham Street provides you with easy access to witness most of these monuments and some additional ones too. Drenched in sites that boast great historic significance, The Colombo fort takes you on a stroll over the sands of time!

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