Diyatha Uyana

Located in proximity to the Waters Edge Hotel right next to the Polduwa Junction, Diyatha Uyana is a Park that is constructed on the marshy banks of Diyawanna Oya. Located close to the commercial capital – Colombo, the park offers refuge to those who wish to rid the hassles of city life momentarily. Also, the park’s location which is adjacent to the marshes offers its visitors glimpses of the vibrant wildlife that dwells in the wetlands.

As it is located on a vast flat land, the water flows placidly on the Diyawanna Oya and it adds more character to the quaint setting that the park offers. Chairs are placed conveniently across the park where you can lean back and relax taking in the surreal vistas and slip into a sense of absolute relaxation. The marshes are also home to numerous wetland bird species, some of them known as the painted stork, lesser whistling duck, spoon-billed Sandpiper, Cattie egret, common kingfisher, and spot-billed pelican

Apart from taking a relaxing stroll and enjoying the scenery, the park is ideal for a picnic with your loved ones. It also features dedicated areas where there are stalls and kiosks, that sell everything from souvenirs, clothing goods, plants to local produce. There is also a myriad of restaurants and food stalls inside the park with comfortable seating areas. As for leisure activities, you can engage in cycling, do a little bit of jogging around the designated pathways and even enjoy a boat ride in the river. The park also features a designated play area for children.

Significant emphasis has been placed on the conservation of the surrounding environment and it can be clearly observed while you are at the park; Solar powered lights, water purification and occasional cleanup sessions at the marshes are some of the efforts made by the park’s management to maintain an ideal environment for its visitors to ease in and relax. Visitors are requested to offer their help to keep the surroundings clean by properly disposing of plastic and other waste products in designated bins and use the freely available resources at the park carefully.

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