Take a stroll along the Independence Memorial Hall

The independence Memorial Hall or the independence commemoration hall is one of the most historically significant monuments in Sri Lanka. Built in the year 1953, the monument commemorates the independence of the country from the British rule and the restoration of the full governing responsibility of the people of the country. It is a landmark that portrays the country’s pride and instils a sense of patriotism within the hearts of its citizens.

Boasting intricately carved granite pillars and an eclectic outlook, The Hall is set amidst a well-landscaped garden and it is surrounded by a tranquil ambience. The surreal and quiet setting is ideal to sit back and relax, to read books or a slow walk. As you stroll along the site you will come across a number of other monoliths, and statues of significant figures of the nation such as Rt. Hon. Don Stephen Senanayake who is regarded as the father of the nation. The memorial hall also plays host to significant religious events and national day celebrations.

There is also a modern and upscale shopping precinct right next to the monument known as the independence Square Arcade. As you stroll past the site you can visit the arcade to explore and purchase everything from souvenirs, electronics, clothing, and even luxury goods. Even if you do not wish to shop for anything, walking through the site, amongst the renovated and restored colonial buildings in which the shops are placed could be quite a rewarding experience.

From Colombo
4.0 km
Time Duration
8 min
Entrance Ticket

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