Sri Lanka Maritime Museum

Offering you vast pools of knowledge in the field of Maritime studies, this is indeed a site that will feed your curiosity! Located a 10-minute drive away from the Trincomalee city, The Sri Lanka Maritime Museum is certainly one of the unique museums in the country. Dedicated to the maritime history of the island, the museum offers you a comprehensive guide about the history that revolves around the ocean that surrounds the island. The museum enlightens you about the country’s naval force, the country’s contribution in winning the second world war and it even gives you a glimpse of marine creatures that thrive in the tropical waters. The museum houses a plethora of artefacts and exhibits pertaining to the evolution of maritime endeavours of the island as well.

The array of objects that are on display at the museum includes ancient navigation equipment, weapons, relics retrieved from the oceans, parts of wrecks and more. Even the building that the museum is located in a historic venue. Built by the British, the building was used as a guard point to carry out orders given by the admirals of the time. It also offers you a brilliant view of the Trincomalee harbour. The collections of weapons that are featured here include cannons, machine guns, artillery and medical equipment used by the naval forces during the second world war and the civil war.

The museum even features artefacts from the second world war since Trincomalee harbour served as a significant point of operations in World War Two. There is also an entire area dedicated to machinery and weapons that were captured from the LTTE which includes boats, rafts, a collection of uniforms, ammunition, arms and even small submarines!

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