Sri Pathrakali Amman Temple

The Sri Pathrakali Amman Temple is a Hindu temple that’s dedicated to the Goddess Kali, specifically the form of Bhadrakali. It is found within the famous Trincomalee Koneswaram Temple Complex which contains a large number of connected Hindu shrines and temples.

While the exact origins of the Sri Pathrakali Amman Temple are shrouded in mystery, it is known that the shrine was constructed by the 11th century and was attracting large numbers of visitors even then. Once the Chola’s invaded Sri Lanka and consolidated their power near the end of the 1st century, they began to undertake several reconstruction and renovation projects. The Sri Pathrakali Amman Temple was included in this and received major additions under the patronage of King Rajendra Chola I. There’s even an inscription you can still read today that provides evidence of this act.

During your visit to the temple, the most striking feature you’ll notice is the architecture on display. These display a Dravidian style alongside the obvious Chola influences. The exterior of the temple is brilliantly colourful and showcases a number of unique stories and legends via paintings and sculptures.

If you decide to visit around 11.30 am, the daily prayers will have started – even non-Hindus are permitted to enter the temple at this time and observe these rituals. You can witness devotees pray and smash coconuts in sacrifice to the Goddess. You’ll also be blessed with a small dot on your forehead and the memories of this whole event are sure to stick with you for even longer.

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