Being renowned as a World Heritage Site, Polonnaruwa is a city that is riddled with numerous ruins and monuments. The region is home to the second most ancient Sri Lankan kingdoms that flourished and thrived after the fall of Anuradhapura. The land being shrouded in mysteries, boasts a surreal ambience and its ruins and monuments constantly whisper their tales and legends to curious souls who wander through them.


Located at the very heart of the north-central province, lies Polonnaruwa, a quaint little city that bustles with a population who are oblivious about the splendours past of the region. Polonnaruwa was one of the greatest kingdoms of Sri Lanka that flourished with prosperity and zeal. Historic evidence state that its origins aren’t that of a joyful tale – as the kingdom was born from great bloodshed. Polonnaruwa was established by the Indian kings from the Chola dynasty and after their victorious conquest defeating the Sinhala kings who ruled the nation at that time. Though the locals being greatly unhappy about living under the rule of foreign kings, ancient inscriptions state that kingdom thrived with great harvest and wealth that started to pool in from India – it was a period of conflict yet with a few glimmers of happy events and joy.

Still, deep down, the people didn’t accept a ruler who did not approve of their ways and they yearned for a king of their own culture and religion. Several decades later, their prayers were answered as King Vijayabahu defeated the Cholas and crowned himself as the King of Polonnaruwa. The evidence of the great battles, the ruins of numerous monuments and structures still remain in the lands of Polonnaruwa and some of them have been refurbished to their former glory. These are the highlights one could expect in here – which is a land that is drenched in history. Polonnaruwa offers you an adventurous journey to a bygone era which eventually fills your heart with a great sense of discovery and joy!