Enjoy a free show with your kids at the Sri Lanka Planetarium

The Sri Lanka Planetarium is the first and only planetarium found in the country. Maintained under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research, the establishment is fully open to the public. You can even enjoy a free show that goes over the many wonders of space while you’re here – it’s something your little ones are bound to enjoy.

One of the most striking features you’ll notice about the planetarium is its exterior design. Established in February of 1965, the building itself was designed by one Dr Kulasinghe. His vision for the building was for it to look like a lotus flower when viewed from above. This is the reason for the planetarium’s distinctive shape and architecture.

The planetarium’s signature show is the main draw here. You start things off by walking around the outermost hallways of the building, passing by several distinctive science projects along the way. Then you’ll be entering the main auditorium. At first, the hall’s dome-like ceiling looks to be cloudy and empty. But in a flash, the planets start showing up and a narrator begins to explain how our universe works. The graphics transition from the planets to distant galaxies, stormy night skies and endless expanses of space filled with constellations. The show will last up to an hour and can be quite informative even for adults. You can even stop for an extra lecture with one of the planetarium’s experts to know even more about the vastness of space.