Shop for Handmade Wooden Souvenirs along the streets of Sigiriya

Sigiriya is one of the most popular locations to visit in Sri Lanka, being the site of the famed Lion Rock and the Rock Fortress that lies atop it. If you’re ever lucky enough to visit this magnificent site, you’ll no doubt want to pick up a souvenir to remember your adventure by. Fortunately, there’s plenty of options right along the streets of Sigiriya itself!

Wood carvings are in many ways a Sri Lankan speciality. There are many local artists who’ve dedicated their lives to this pursuit and in doing so they’ve perfected it. Often, the practice has been passed down for generations. As such, one of these carvings makes for the perfect souvenir to signify all the adventures you had in Sigiriya.

The Sigiriya Crafts Village is one of the most popular souvenir shops you’ll come across when traversing the region’s streets. If nothing else, it’s a great place to visit and admire all the fantastic works of art the local populace has produced. From ornate masks to intricate paintings.

You’ll also be sure to come across a number of showrooms that exhibit various wood carvings – for example, there’s the Vish Woodcarvings store. Here, everything from statues to fascinating murals – all crafted out of wood – are out on display. You can even see quaint little prices of furniture that’ll surely add a bit of character to any living room. Be sure to pick some up if they really catch your eye.