Shopping in Negombo

Surrounded by immaculate beaches that are fringed in coconut palms, Negombo is a nice city that is drenched in tropical bliss. The region is surrounded by fishing villages and is distant from the hustles and bustles of urbanisation. A traveler who visits the region would easily notice that the urban vibe hasn’t really got to the city that hard, so when it comes to shopping, there will be no big malls to look for. Instead, there are a few exclusive stores that sell locally made crafts, produce and essential goods. There are however a small number of upscale stores and boutiques but what is the fun in going to the more mundane means of shopping?

The true essence of shopping in Negombo comes from visiting its markets – Travellers can witness locals buying fresh produce, fresh fish just caught from the oceans, the famous Sri Lankan mud crab, tuna and so much more. The markets also have vendors who sell locally sourced fruits which could come in an as a healthy snack that you can munch on as you walk along with the markets.

If you are looking for something flashy, you have Odel which is a popular fashion store chain on the island that sells clothes and accessories of international as well as renowned local brands. If you are on a hunt for quality handcrafts in Negombo, Luv SL is yet another store that sells these authentic handcrafted souvenirs, locally made clothing items such as sarongs and even bath-ware and skincare products. Kalpana Batik & Souvenirs is popular for all things local including locally designed batik clothing. ASDA Gem & Jewellery and Blue Moon Jewellers are the ideal places to hop into if you’ve got your mind on purchasing some jewellery with beautiful Ceylon gemstones. Local clothing stores such as Glits and Sriyani Dress Point are also worth visiting to learn the local taste as well as getting your hands on extremely cheap but quality clothing goods and accessories.