Watch an international or domestic match at the Dambulla International Cricket Field

It’s safe to say that the sport of cricket has quite a following here in Sri Lanka. This increased tenfold when the island nation defied the odds and became world champions in 1996. As cricket’s popularity continuously grew in Sri Lanka, so too did the infrastructure. Nowadays, there are plenty of cricket stadiums that host world-class international and domestic contests all throughout the year. The Dambulla Cricket Field is one of them, and it’s a great venue to enjoy some scintillating sporting action at.

The Dambulla Cricket Field is the first and only cricket stadium in the country found in the island’s dry zone. In order to provide a bit of added scenery to its spectators, the stadium was built to overlook the nearby Dambulla Tank and the iconic Dambulla Rock.

Since its opening, the Dambulla stadium has served as one of the primary venues to hold international contests in the country. Its inaugural contest was held in March 2001, an ODI match between the home team and the touring team of England. Floodlights were installed into the stadium in 2003 to allow day-night matches to take place for the first time. For a period of time from 2013 to 2016, the stadium only hosted day matches. However, following an updated floodlight system, day-night matches returned in late 2016.

If you have the luck to view a contest here at the stadium, be prepared to witness some bowler-friendly action here in Dambulla. You can also expect the typical fanfare you see from Sri Lankan cricketing enthusiasts when watching a match here – complete with beating drums and numerous air-horns.