Getting There

Located in the northernmost region of the island and being one of the most important cities in Sri Lanka, Jaffna has serval reliable transportation modes. Here are three of the most convenient transportation options that you can choose to reach here.

Best way to get to Jaffna from BIA
You can reach Jaffna either by public or by private bus transport. The public buses are cheap but without comfortable seats and proper air-conditioning, such long journeys could be very tiring and uncomfortable. But private buses, on the other hand, are airconditioned, feature comfortable seats and some of them even come with Wi-Fi and other entertainment facilities. PS: Bear in mind that you will have to book your seats in advance if you are planning to reach here by a private bus.
Taxis are quite common in Sri Lanka and you can easily find one to reach Jaffna from any part of the country, but this could come in as the most expensive option.
Travelling to Jaffna on a train could be one of the most exciting travel experiences in Sri Lanka. The journey takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and you could indeed make a memorable experience out of it! Like private buses, train seats to Jaffna should also be booked in advance for a hassle-free travel experience.