Getting There

Due to Unawatuna being located at proximity to major cities like Galle and Colombo, getting here is quite easy. If you are travelling from Colombo you could use the southern expressway to reach here without a hassle. There are three easy ways you could visit Unawatuna from any of the major cities of Sri Lanka.

Best way to get from Unawatuna to BIA
This is probably the cheapest option available and buses run regularly between all the major cities and towns of Sri Lanka.
With the views of the ocean until you reach Unawatuna, visiting here by train from Colombo could be one of the most exciting ways of reaching the resort town.
Taxis are readily available throughout Sri Lanka and are often the fastest way to travel long-distance. If you want to make sure you’re paying a fixed price, it’s recommended that you book your trip via Uber or any other reliable ride-hailing services.