Soothing sea breeze, golden sand beaches fringed in coconut palms – this is the view that you will be greeted by when you are in Unawatuna – a quaint little resort town that embodies tropical bliss! Being a quintessential beach destination in Sri Lanka, visiting here is an absolute must if you are a soul who loves to revel under the warmth fo the tropical sun, savour some of the most exquisite seafood dishes and to indulge in a host of exciting watersport activities.


Located approximately 108 kilometres away from Colombo and just 5 kilometres away from the iconic city of Galle, Unawatuna is an alluring little resort town that is quite popular among tourists. The region is famous for its pristine beaches which boasts a backdrop with coconut palms and a sparsely vegetate wilderness. The beach is dotted with a myriad of resorts and most of them offer their guests a host of exclusive and luxurious accommodation options. There are plenty of restaurants as well and due to the proximity to the oceans, serve up some of the best seafood dishes on the island.

The warm tropical waters are crystal clear offering you excellent visibility underwater – for which is very useful when you plunge into the water for snorkelling. You could also surf on waters of Unawatuna – which brings about small to medium-sized swells that are ideal for beginners and intermediate levels of surfers. The region is also home to by numerous attractions – the Japanese peace pagoda, the rope swing at Wijaya beach, the local fruit markets, and the jungle beach are just to name a few. Unawatuna is also famous for lively and fun beach parties that start after sundown where you could drink your favourite cocktails, savour the food that is prepared to perfection and dance the night out with your loved ones!

Inviting Escapes
Being a well-renowned resort town, there are plenty of accommodation options in Unawatuna and almost all of them comes replete with excellent views of the beach, a host of exclusive amenities and modern comforts. Most of these accommodation options have their own restaurants and bars, where you could enjoy delicious seafood and savour local cocktails.
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Unawatuna is all about its beaches, and you could find everything beach related within the borders of this quaint little resort town. From watersports activities such as surfing and snorkelling to exploring the beaches and vising the fishing villages to experience the local life. There is plenty to see and do at Unawatuna – and whatever you do here will indeed become a memory that you will cherish!
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Culinary Delights
Due to its proximity to the beach, Unawatuna lets you enjoy an assortment of succulent seafood dishes! From juicy batter fried calamari, buttered lobster thermidor to succulent prawn cocktails, everything is served fresh at the renowned restaurants of Unawatuna. Most of these restaurants also serve you the most authentic versions of local seafood dishes as well.
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