Ride Aboard the Kandy to Ella Train

Dubbed as one of the world’s most scenic train journeys by avid travellers and explorers, this is no ordinary train ride! Surely, travellers who visit Sri Lanka might have already heard of the hype surrounding the so-called “Kandy – Ella train ride”. Wondering what it’s all about? Well, it is exactly true that this is probably one of the best train ride experience in the entire world – with the most amazing views of the gorgeous hill country of Sri Lanka the journey through the lush and untainted wilderness is indeed an odyssey to remember! You can take the train from either Colombo Fort Railway Station or the Kandy Railway Station. However, remember that not all trains on this route make a stop in Kandy. You also have the option of booking the observation deck which is the ideal train compartment for this journey. But you would be also enjoying the experience even if you book the first, second or third-class tickets beforehand.

Keep in mind that it will not be easy boarding the train. There will most likely be some pushing, and shoving involved as people try to get into the train all at once. Make it across this barrier and you are all set for a fantastic train ride. If you don’t end up with a window seat, then opt for the footboard, the risk is clear, but the thrill of adventure will only encourage you to take it! The journey is nearly 7 hours long and sometimes more if there are any breakdowns or if there is a wait for the signals to drop. Therefore, take along a few snacks in case you work up an appetite (which you will). Some vendors walk from carriage to carriage balancing baskets filled with fruits, water bottles and all sorts of fried delicacies which you will only find in Sri Lanka. You can also opt to try some of them for very low prices.

This is one train ride that will never not be crowded, so you make sure you capture a comfortable seat or a place which lets you have a clear view of the surroundings. As you get closer to your final destination, the air will begin to get cooler and the greenery lusher and brighter. Soon enough, the endless terraces of tea will come into view – the vistas are absolutely breath-taking indeed! Go higher and the mountains and their peaks covered in the mist will make their grand appearance. During the journey, you could experience serenity at it’s best! The Nine Arch Bridge is the attraction most looked forward to while travelling on this train route. Although, for this, you will need to book a ticket to Demodara which is about 3 kilometres past Ella. You can always take a tuk-tuk from here to Ella which will not cost much.