Admire the views of Ella Gap from Little Adam’s Peak

A climb to the top of Little Adam’s Peak is short and not a difficult one either. If you happen to stumble upon the opportunity to go when in Ella, go right for it because what awaits at the top is really something stunning and mesmerising! Reach the very peak of the mountain and you’ll see why there is so much buzz about the “Ella Gap”.

Looking straight ahead from the summit, the scenery that unfolds in front of you is literally an entire gap of rocky cliffs clad in blankets of greenery. A space between the mountains in the hill country of Sri Lanka that looks like it’s a piece of heaven on earth. On misty days, heaven itself seems to be conjured by the charms of this splendid scenery. Tufts of dense clouds adorn the already beautiful landscape hiding the view of the other end.

Looking out from Little Adam’s Peak, you’ll feel like that you’re at the very centre of the globe with such amazing panoramic views., But the most magical ones come into the scene during the times of sunrise and sunset. During sunset, the skies slowly begin to light up and the birds begin to sing songs of joy around you as the distant ball of fire peeks out through the mountains surrounded by orange and crimson hues. See this and it’ll make your day before it even fully begins! Sunsets in Ella Gap are priceless. The skies are tainted in various shades of pink, gold, and orange. In this case, the dark blue of the night sky seems to gradually encroach dimming the light of the sun as it says goodbye over the mountains. To witness this incredible phenomenon that happens to occur every day is all the more reason why you should take that Little Adam’s Peak hike.