Get an adrenaline kick Zip-Lining in Ella

Located in the of midst rolling mountains and lush river valleys, Ella presents you with immaculate scenery. The famous of its scenic vistas being the Ella Gap offers you a glimpse of a sprawling landscape that is composed of formidable rock faces and surreal vegetation. The sheer beauty of the landscape and the panoramic views that it offers alone could be the reason that you should visit Ella but there is something more exciting that awaits you here in this spectacular region!

The Flying Ravana is an adventure park that is built exclusively for those who live for the rush of adrenaline! The park lets you experience a multitude of adventure sports such as abseiling, quad biking, archery, air rifling, mountain biking, and more, above all, what this site has been known for is, Ziplining! Located between two mountains the zipline here spans over a steep angle, which lets you accelerate up to 60 miles per hour taking in the views of the stunning landscape below and beyond that comprises of jagged cliffs, rivers, and sprawling tea hills! The hills are absolutely perfect here with stunning scenery. There is much to take in while soaring through the cool air for about half a kilometre or so at knee-buckling heights. The ziplining adventure is one of South Asia’s longest ziplining courses and indeed one of the most scenic as well!

The adventure park practices impeccable safety standards and the activity is entirely safe. With industrial-strength ziplines, quality safety gear, and experienced instructors, they consider your safety as their number one priority. All you have to do is trust in your instructor, listen to their advice, and take a leap of faith – that you would certainly not regret taking! From there on out its all about the thrills till you reach the other end of the rope.

Look below if you dare and you’ll see that you’re flying above immaculate tea plantations. Look around and you’ll see beautiful mountains with their peaks hidden away by a stray cloud or two. The beauty around coupled with the rush of adrenaline, heightening your senses is one of the most exciting experiences for the daring souls out there to give a try.