Initially, Ella may seem like just another small town set against Sri Lanka’s rolling countryside, but look a little closer and you’ll find one of the best locations to visit and stay in the whole island! From picturesque scenery to thriving nightlife – Ella has it all.


Ella is found nestled amidst the central ighlands of Sri Lanka. To be precise, it is a small town found in the Badulla District within the Uva Province. Being over 200 kilometres away from Colombo and located at an elevation of over 1000 metres, Ella is perfect for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy a bit of tranquility.

Here you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing amount of natural beauty. The surrounding area is full of cascading hills and towering mountains. These are coated in dense cloud jungles of quaint tea plantations – simply put the atmosphere here is unbeatable. The are is also rich in biodiversity and you’ll be able to spot a vairty of endemic animals and birds if you’re vigilant enough. What’s more, Ella’s popularity has meant that the town has enjoyed extensive development project over the past few years. Nowadays, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from when you’re trekking through town!

Things to do
From fun hikes to thrilling adventures and nightlife – there’s much and more to do here in Ella. Here are some of the best places to visit and experiences to be had.
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