Demodara Railway Loop

Located at proximity to some of the most surreal sites in the highlands of Sri Lanka, The Demodara loop is another fascinating attraction that adds to remarkable experiences that brings delight to the onlookers. Being one of the world’s first and only railway loop which has the railway station right on top of a tunnel at the spiral, the Demodara Railway Loop is a feat of engineering ingenuity.

The loop is 900 meters long and it solves a peculiar engineering challenge that is, offering a way for the trains to ascend and descend negotiating with the maximum inclination of a climb/drop by the Sri Lankan Railway Authority which is, one foot per 44feet. Adhering to this rule was nearly impossible and it had a risk of trains derailing; this is when the engineers came up with the solution of a railway loop that goes around a hill offering a gradual descent/ascent through the mountainscapes. The site is also located in proximity to notable tourist hotspots such as the little Adam’s peak and the nine arches bridge.

The Demodara loop is also part of one of the world’s most scenic train rides and it offers you glimpses of towering mountains, lush surrounds, and local wildlife. Placed at an elevation of 912 meters above sea level and approximately 277 kilometres away from Colombo, The loop is located right next to the Demodara railway station, and in fact, the station is part of the loop. You can observe and even hike around the loop by getting down at the station. The railway track is located amidst a beautiful surrounding and it also consists of a Bridge.

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