Nine Arches Bridge

Set amidst lush forestlands and scenic tea hills, the Nine Arches Bridge is placed over a gorge. It spans over a length of 91 meters and 24 meters tall above the ground. As the name suggests, the bridge consists of nine arches, and it is indeed a great feat of engineering. The surrounding is surreal, and it is embellished in greenery – a lush jungle in the background, oodles of tea plants below and the bridge’s immediate surrounding, this sets a scene that will indeed leave you mesmerised!

The bridge was built during 1921 and it is located at an elevation of 3100 meters above sea level. Constructed using stones, bricks, and cement the bridge boasts an iconic design and it is regarded as one of the strongest structures that have been made during the colonial era. Being a site that features stunning architecture and splendorous views, the Nine Arches Bridge has become a popular destination and is frequented by locals and foreigners alike.

The bridge and its surroundings have a tranquil vibe, and the scenery adds more value to the experience. Seeing the iconic blue trains of Sri Lanka crossing the bridges is a sight to behold and it presents you a myriad of opportunities to click that perfect shot for the gram! Also, it would look incredible on drone footage! The bridge is located between Damodara and Ella railway stations and since it is closer to the Ella town, the best option to get here is getting off at Ella Railway station and hiring a tuk-tuk. It would cost you 200-250 Sri Lankan Rupees for the tuk-tuk ride, and it would take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to reach here.

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