Snorkelling in Pasikuda

Being home to the longest stretch of shallow waters on the island, the bay of Pasikuda is an excellent spot for snorkelling. It is not only the shallow waters but also the warmness of it and the crystalline visibility that you will not see in many places around the planet. Also, the coast houses a teeming variety of marine life such as vibrantly coloured corals, gentle sea turtles, schools of vivid reef fish, elusive rays, lazy sea slugs, and many more.

If you have made up your mind for snorkelling here, there are plenty of surf shops that let you rent snorkelling gear. And the moment you plunge into the waters you will discover a world of its own. The still waters let you effortlessly wade your way through the waters and the clarity of it will let you absorb every single detail underwater. It costs as little as two to three dollars per hour for the equipment and many tour operators include this experience as part of the tour itinerary.

As unique and exciting as it sounds in order to enjoy a memorable snorkelling experience there are few things you will have to be mindful of. Make sure that you do not feed or touch any creatures under the waters and also do not venture too close to creatures that you might think are dangerous. Before your tour to Pasikuda, do a little bit of research about the local marine life so to be sure which creatures are friendly and which are not. If you are planning to visit the bay with children do not let them venture into the waters all by themselves -keep them in sight at all times!