Stay overnight in a Treehouse to have a real jungle experience

Melodious chirps of vibrantly coloured birds, sweet perfumes of the forestland, lush canopy over the roof, and gentle winds from the woods seeping through the seams of your abodeā€¦ indulge in this delightful experience in a treehouse in the jungles of Sri Lanka! Surround yourself with these bountiful experiences and become one with mother nature during your stay at these unique establishments.

Located amidst surreal jungle scapes on top of trees, these establishments present its visitors with a unique holiday experience. The abodes are equipped with all the essential amenities and stay here offer an entirely new holiday experience! All of these establishments offer immaculate views of the jungle along with glimpses of local wildlife. The resort properties also offer well-curated activities such as trekking, kayaking, mountain climbing, rafting, and more.

Most of these tree house resorts are located in the central highlands where tropical rainforests still teem with amazing wildlife. Endemic Birds, amphibians, and mammals such as Torque Macaques, Purple-faced Langur, Slender lorries and different varieties of deer are some of the frequently sighted creatures while you are stationed at these accommodation options. Also being constructed using eco-friendly construction practices and with less carbon footprint, these abodes are ideal for nature-lovers and adventurers. Stays at these eccentric accommodation options will certainly turn out to be a memory you could cherish for a lifetime!