Buying Antiques in Kandy

Kandy being regarded a UNESCO world heritage site is renowned among both local and foreign travellers for its cultural and religious value coupled with its scenic beauty. Being home to the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth this city considered to be sacred by Buddhists all across the globe. After witnessing all the splendour that Kandy has to offer, you might even feel inclined to take some of it back with you – so why not? A spell of antique shopping in the city can net you with fantastic souvenirs to always remind you of this fantastic city.

Along the streets of Kandy, you’ll find a number of boutique shops and souvenir stores that sell a wide variety of antiques. The items on sale include beautifully crafted furniture pieces, ornaments and figurines – all done in the traditional Kandyan style. Shops will also sell finely woven garments that bear charming Kandyan style decorations – any one of these can be a great souvenir.

If you keep looking, you might even chance upon some truly rare and unique Sri Lankan treasure. For example, Certain establishments will even sell ancient coins that can be dated back to the 14th century – so keep your eyes peeled for precious artefacts like that as you shop all around Kandy!