Explore the Open-Air Art Market at the Green Path

For many years now, Colombo has served as the cosmopolitan capital of Sri Lanka, often being the first place most travellers visit during their trip to Sri Lanka. While certain other regions of the island have become tourist hotspots, Colombo has certainly upped the ante itself over the past few years and has a number of great attractions to visit and see. The Open-Air Art Market at the Green Path is one of these – a trek here can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the city.

The area that would become the Green Path had an artistic flair to it all the way back since the year 2000. Local artists would come here and showcase their works and sell their pieces. This eventually led to the government to initiate a programme that would help uplift street artists and provide them with more support to hone their craft. And so, in 2017 the path was declared as Colombo’s “Art Street” and the Open-Air Art Market was officially opened.

If you’re touring through Colombo and you’re eager to see the talents of the local artists – and maybe even nab a souvenir to take home with you – the Art Market is where you want to be. It is found right next to the shady Victoria Park, and so the whole area has a tranquil feel to it. New art is put on display every weekend and some of it can be truly spectacular. You’ll see the entire range here, from classic portraits, still images to more contemporary designs and experimental styles. All of these are on sale as well – and at very affordable rates at that – so don’t hesitate to pick something up if it really catches your eye.