Hot Air Balloon Rides

Sigirya and the area that surrounds this iconic attraction have some of the most beautiful landscapes found all throughout Sri Lanka. The name Sigiriya translates to ‘Lion Rock’, and according to ancient Sri Lankan chronicles, the spectacular rock fortress that sits atop this rock was once the seat of King Kashyapa. He was said to have chosen the site as his new capital. All around the fortress are spectacular mountain ranges and thick forests that provide refuge to an array of wildlife. Now, you might want to experience all the natural beauty the region has to offer but can’t find the time to trek through the landscape. Wall fear not, you can enjoy all the sights from up on high in your very own hot air balloon!

A number of balloon tours operate in the Dambulla-Kandalama area – this is around a 30-minute drive away from Sigiriya. Here the climate and winds are perfect for long tours along the skyline. Balloon tours generally take place during the early hours of the morning when the winds are mild and the temperature is cool and comfortable. The ride can cover a distance of over ten miles netting you an unparalleled view of the countryside below.

Ultimately, hot air balloon rides can be a spectacular way to experience the breath-taking natural beauty Sri Lanka has to offer. So, be sure to try it out if you’re ever in the area.