Lagoon Safari

Though it is only the bay that draws in more crowd to Arugam Bay, the exquisite attraction is part of a much bigger ecosystem that will certainly mesmerise you in of many sorts – Located at proximity to the bay lies a quaint lagoon that is now slowly becoming a celebrated attraction in the region. The waterbody is surrounded by a mangrove forest that is home to an extensive array of wildlife that includes wading birds, amphibians, crustaceans, and more!

Exploring the lagoon is indeed an amazing experience and it usually takes place on a boat. It takes approximately 2-3-hours for the whole boat ride you could opt for a tour experience by getting in touch with a local tour operator.

The mangroves are also home to monitor lizards well camouflaged and waiting for their prey to come to them. Crocodiles too lie in wait for their meal to show up on the shores of the lagoon. In the middle of the waters is a small island which provides shelter for elephants every now and then. There is a range of bird species you will spot here as well. Darters, kingfishers, jacana, common coots, pelicans, herons, and sea eagles are a few to look out for. Swinging from branch to branch of the trees on the land nearby are the monkeys who will give you a curious look. Beneath the waters are various fish, prawns, and crabs that you can catch a glimpse of.

The best times to visit are during early morning hours after sunrise and the evening before sundown when the heat is not too much.