Canoe through warm lagoons and mangroves of Unawatuna

Unawatuna often contains one of the best beaches found in the South Coast of Sri Lanka. It is in fact, a contender for the most popular beach this tropical island has to offer. However, this isn’t all the region has to offer either. If you travel to the edges of the beach, you’ll eventually discover a pristine set of lagoons that are bordered by lush mangrove forests. These locations are full of amazing sights to see and one of the best ways to experience all of them is to paddle along in a canoe!

Several lagoons border the Unawatuna beach and each of them makes for spectacular photo opportunities. The landscapes here are pristine and undisturbed meaning they make a perfect refuge for all manner of unique animals. During your canoe trip, one thing that will be abundantly clear is the sheer variety of the region’s thriving bird population. In fact, the lagoons and the surrounding mangroves have been designated as a prime birdwatching zone. Many different species of rare endemic birds frequent these locations as well as a handful of fascinating migrant varieties. You might want to ask a naturalist to accompany you on the tour, just so you can identify all the wonderful species you’ll be seeing as you canoe through the mangrove system.

Canoe tours usually start in the morning hours and last till the late afternoon. Each canoe can accommodate 2-3 people along with a guide who will show you around the mangrove swamps. Be prepared to paddle at least for 2 straight hours, although this varies based on the number of people and where exactly you want to go. Though it may seem a little exhausting, the tour is guaranteed to leave you with memories that will last for many years to come.