Experience a stand up paddling Lagoon tour in Hikkaduwa

Surreal vistas, breezy winds from the oceans, amazing nightlife… if you thought these are all that awaits you at Hikkaduwa you have barely scratched the surface! Hikkaduwa is filled with oodles of unorthodox yet enticing travel experiences and standup paddleboarding is slowing making its way to the top things you can do here.

This epic experience is indeed an adventure in itself and it takes place in the lagoons of Hikkaduwa – A region that teems with mammalian, aquatic, and avian life. The scene that this experience is set is epic and it certainly inspires awe within the minds of adventurers. The activity being originated in Hawaii, standup paddleboarding, also known as standup paddle surfing is an eccentric way of making your way through water surfaces that are still and with less resistance. With calm and clear waters, the lagoons of Hikkaduwa are a perfect place to try out this sport as it comes with so many extras.

You can opt-in for this experience by contacting a local tour operator or by contacting any of the many surf shops that are located in and around the resort town’s iconic beaches. For this experience, you will be offered a surfboard, a paddle, and a life jacket. You could also request a guide to help you navigate through the lagoon but if you feel adventurous you can venture into the waters on your own as well. No matter how you take in this experience it will indeed be an adventure of a lifetime and you will savour every bit of it.