Stroll by the Nuwara Wewa to enjoy spectacular views of the Old City

Known as the largest of the three great man-made tanks in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Wewa is located on the east side of Anuradhapura. The tank covers an area of about 12 sq km and was used as one of the main channels of irrigation during ancient times. The tank was built by king Vattagamini Abaya who is also known by the name Valagamba during the first century BC. Historians are still baffled by the scale of engineering and the precision it took to make such a megalithic tank which has stood formidably over the test of time.

Although much of its ingenious features have become obsolete, the tank still conserves and retains rainwater, and it serves the purpose it was built for. Most of the paddy fields in the region are still irrigated by the tank and its magnanimous presence offers a surreal setting to the city of Anuradhapura.

The banks of the tank still have the remnants of an ancient kingdom that thrived and flourished millennia ago and a stroll along the banks would offer you a glimpse of what life could be away from the hassles of modernisation, what it could have been in the times where all of the information overloads was totally absent. Get clarity and cleanse your mind with surreal vistas and let your heartstrings be tugged by an inexplicable yet satisfying feel of discovering something new!