Take a tour of the Trincomalee War Cemetery

The Trincomalee War Cemetery is a British war cemetery found along the Trincomalee-Nilaveli Road. It can be both a memorable and sobering experience to take a tour through the cemetery grounds. The pristine landscapes here provide a stark contrast to the loss and grief that has been laid to rest here.

The cemetery itself was built in 1948 following the conclusion of the Second World War. It is one of six Commonwealth war cemeteries that have been established here in Sri Lanka. You’ll find a total of 303 graves here at the Trincomalee War Cemetery – all of which belong to soldiers of the British Empire that lost their lives fighting against the tyranny of the Axis powers in World War II. Soldiers of varying stations were laid to rest here. This included heroic members of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Owned by the Commonwealth War Games Commission, at present, it is maintained by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence.

In order to reach the cemetery, you’ll have to travel along the Uppuveli Road and then take a turn into Nilaveli Road. From here, you’ll need to travel for about 2 kilometres and you’ll arrive at your destination.