Visit the Kumana National Park

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in Asia to visit if you’re planning to see a lot of wildlife during your vacation. There’s an abundance of national parks to choose from here, each bearing a cast of rare and wonderful animals. If you’re specifically looking to enjoy the diverse avifauna that’s native to Sri Lanka, make sure to visit the fantastic Kumana National Park.

Kumana contains up to 20 different tanks and lagoons within its borders. Not only do these make for some great scenery, but they also help support the park’s thriving bird population. First declared as a sanctuary in 1938, the park is home to over 250 different bird varieties. A number of extremely rare species use the park as a breeding ground. These include the threatened black-necked stork, the colossal lesser adjutant and the Eurasian spoonbill. A vast number of migratory species also frequent the park. For example, the pintail snipe travels a distance exceeding 9000 kilometres to reach the park every year! Other rare migratory birds include the yellow-footed green pigeon, greater racket-tailed drongo and the Malabar trogon.

Of course, birds aren’t the only wildlife you’re likely to see during your visit to Kumana. These fertile lands support a number of large terrestrial animals including wild boars, fishing cats, jackals and over 30 Sri Lankan elephants! So, bring your binoculars with you for your visit and keep your eyes peeled for the park’s residents.