Located in proximity to the Bandaranayake International Airport (BIA), Negombo is an ideal destination to let off some steam after a long journey. Being a popular destination Negombo is dotted with a slew of resort properties and unique attractions and will indeed fill you up with the much-needed energy to let you on and about to explore the island!


Negombo is a major city located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, and it is strategically situated right next to the country’s main airport. The city also being one of the main commercial hubs, has a fishing industry that is several centuries old. Negombo is embellished with a variety of medium to upscale resort properties and also comes with a slew of eclectic attractions that travellers would enjoy visiting.

Negombo also features a lagoon that lets you go on boating and join fishing charters. The Negombo lagoon is a major fishing hotspot and it is one of the places where the Sri Lankan Lagoon crabs are caught. the lagoon is also a region that is rich in biodiversity and numerous avian, amphibian, and mammalian species can be spotted here while you are on a boat tour. Some of the fauna that you could see here include Sri Lankan water monitor, saltwater crocodiles, land monitor, Whiskered tern, little egret, Common kingfisher and so many more.

The other major draw to Negombo is its beaches with golden sands, cool and refreshing ocean breeze, and warm tropical sun. with all of these exquisite appeals, you will certainly enjoy the perks of being on a tropical island while you are in Negombo!

Things to Do
From the spectacular beaches to boat rides through lagoon marshlands that teem with biodiversity, Negombo offers a plethora of exciting this to see and do.
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