Enjoy the Views from The Japanese Peace Pagoda

Nestled amidst a lush patch of greenery and overlooking one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful beaches, the Japanese Peace Pagoda – or the Rumassala Saama Chathiya as it’s referred to locally – as a fascinating site to visit while you’re here in Galle. So, if you’re touring through the area, be sure to make a visit to this unique site and take in an amazing view of the surrounding countryside that will set your mind and soul at peace.

The Japanese Peace Pagoda structurally looks similar to a white mushroom that’s sprung upwards from the earth; at its core, you’ll find ana expertly crafted Buddha statue. It is one of only five stupas of its kinds found here in Sri Lanka – ones which take after Japanese stupas in style and design. The pagoda itself was constructed with the help and guidance of Japanese monks and their influence is apparent if you look closely at the stupa’s architecture.

What makes the pagoda is a great site to visit are all the amazing attractions found in its vicinity. The views you get from the pagoda are unmatched and will let you truly appreciate the beauty and allure of the surrounding area. For starters, from the stupa’s location, you can get a clear view of the famous Unawatuna Beach. If you get your timing right and visit in time for the oceanic sunset, you’ll be in for quite the spectacle! What’s more, the area surrounding the pagoda is covered in a verdant expanse of lush greenery. This area can be a treat to explore, away from the hustle and bustle of the beach crowds and the hot rays of the tropical sun. These patches of forest are also rich in biodiversity and could net you some fantastic sights of endemic animals and bird varieties – so keep your eyes peeled!